As the author of a historical memoir, my focus has developed into the link between antisemitism, terrorism and genocide. I am a national speaker who is using my book as a platform for the imperative of Holocaust education to counter the ideology of the current Islamic extremism; the root cause of the rise in global anti- Semitism and a contributing factor in the largest refugee crisis seen since WWII.

I have lectured internationally on the subject, and count among my highest distinctions, having been invited to the United Nations on International Holocaust Remembrance Day for a Meet The Author event.

My aim is to use the tragedy of the Shoah and the singularity of this genocide and take my responsibility to “ NEVER FORGET” and put it toward instilling the value of “NEVER AGAIN” in the hearts and minds of a most valuable asset; the next generation of youth who may be swayed toward religious extremism.

I believe that one approach to countering terrorism and genocide is to counter ideological propaganda through Holocaust education. The evolution of Hitler’s State sanctioned ideology, grew from acts of terrorism into the worst genocide the world has ever known; with the end goal of extinguishing a global population based upon their genealogy.

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